There are two seasons in Fiji – warm and even warmer – providing the perfect temperature for a tropical island wedding all year round.

With year round temperatures in Fiji hovering between 26-31 degrees Celsius (79-88 degrees Fahrenheit), Fiji is the perfect destination for a wedding where the bride doesn’t want to worry about bringing a jacket.  Short sleeves, sandals and thongs are the perfect attire for a magical Fiji Island wedding.

From April to early October the sun isn’t quite as hot nor the humidity as high. The days are warm but the nights cooler.

From November to May can get very hot and humid. As with all tropical climates, sudden rain showers are frequently followed by strong burst of cloudless, sunny skies.

Like anywhere in the world, there is no guarantee of cloud-free skies at any time of the year. Don’t worry though, if you have planned an outdoor ceremony and reception, we will ensure contingency plans are in place should the weather turn at the last minute.

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Your big day will be amazing whatever Mother Nature chooses to conjure up on the day.

You may want to plan your wedding around the requirements of your guests and how you would like to spend your honeymoon. Most action enthusiasts prefer Fiji in the winter.  Surfers are attracted to the great swell and hikers can enjoy exploring the islands without the chance of being caught out by a tropical shower.

Diving in Fiji is excellent all year round because it is not affected by land runoff or large-scale weather shifts.

During summer (December – March) the water temperature sits between 27-30°C (75-80°F).  Higher water temperatures do increase the oceanic plankton growth which can reduce visibility however only the fussiest of divers would notice. During winter (June – September) the water temperatures drop to a comfortable 24-27°C (70-75°F). Visibility of more than 100ft (30m) is better during the cooler months.

Annual rainfall on the main islands is between 2000mm and 3000mm on the coast and low-lying areas, and up to 6000mm in the mountains.  The smaller islands typically receive less rainfall and range between 1500mm – 3500mm. Cyclones can occur in Fiji and are normally confined to the wet season.

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