Specialist Fiji Wedding Planners

With over 40 years experience planning weddings, luxury escapes and honeymoons for couples around the world, we can organise every aspect of your Fiji luxury getaway.

Relax and let our Fiji specialists take the stress out of planning your luxury escape.

Whether your planning a destination wedding, romantic honeymoon, luxury escape, family holiday, cruise around the Fijian Islands or corporate retreat… we can help.

The Fiji Islands are the most romantic place on earth.  It’s a paradise of warm waters and tropical perfume.  What a perfect setting for a wedding.

Imagine waking up on the morning of your wedding, stepping out of bed and walking lazily to the window where you can see the sun rising over the beautiful blue water.

Imagine seeing your groom standing on the beach, bathed in sunshine and smiles as he waits for you.  You walk barefoot to the beach, your wedding dress swirling at your ankles and tropical blooms in your hair.  The warm white sand trickles through your toes with every step until you reach the edge of the water. With the harmony of beautiful Fijian voices and music from the gentle lapping of the waves on the beach, you marry the man you love.

It’s romantic and very personal because we have shared your dream and made it come true. This is your wedding day, designed by you and tailor made by us.

Whether you seek an intimate wedding or a huge party, we will listen to your desires and create the wedding experience you dream of.  You can be married on the beach or in one of Fiji’s intimate chapels.  You can stay at a 5 star resort or book out a whole island.

The Fijian culture is warm and welcoming.  The people love celebrations so they do everything they can to make your wedding and honeymoon memorable.

All you need to decide is what type of wedding you prefer – quiet and intimate or large and joyous.

At Fiji Bride our experience in organising weddings and holidays will ensure that everything runs smoothly and effortlessly. We take the stress out of wedding planning.