What are the different wedding venues in Fiji?

Fiji’s temperate, tropical climate offers couples a wide choice of wedding venues all year round. Whether your wedding will be held during the day or at night, the weather in Fiji is still warm enough to hold the event outside no matter the time of day.

The wide range of wedding venues in Fiji is guaranteed to suit everyone’s taste and preference, making it a popular destination for couples from around the world to plan a unique wedding experience for themselves and their guests.

Beach weddings

fiji wedding venues beach
Beach wedding at the InterContinental Fiji

Fiji is world-renowned for its beautiful beaches. With clean, white sand and stunning turquoise water, a beach wedding in Fiji is the perfect backdrop to exchange vows.

Best of all, the beach and ocean make for a spectacular backdrop for wedding photos capturing your magical day forever.

 Five star villa or luxury residence

fiji wedding venues residence
One of the luxury residences at VOMO Island

Getting married in your own five-star villa or residence in Fiji is certainly gaining in popularity. For couples seeking a more intimate setting, getting married in a luxury villa offers more privacy than in public locations throughout the resort.

Our five-star villas and luxury residences can feature breathtaking views including the ocean, lagoon, reef, cliff or tropical garden.

We can arrange staff to assist throughout the day including butlers, chefs and nannies.

A Charming Wedding Chapel

fiji wedding venues chapel
The wedding chapel at Tokoriki Island Resort

Many of our wedding resorts feature charming on-site chapels.  Located in charming settings and featuring gorgeous views, exchanging vows in such a setting couldn’t be more romantic. Some even feature a live feed so friends and family unable to attend can feel a part of your big day. 

Cultural Location

fiji wedding venues cultural
Traditional Fiji warriors.

Fiji is rich in culture.  For couples seeking a more culturally traditional wedding, we can organise for your wedding ceremony to be conducted in a traditional Fijian village or cultural centre.

On the water OR a PRIVATE ISLAND

fiji wedding venues water
Sail to your own private island.

Why not celebrate your wedding afloat, on a private beach or on a private tropical island?  Our Fiji wedding planners can organise the hire of a yacht or catamaran.  Without another soul around, what a unique and picturesque backdrop for your special day!

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Amongst nature

fiji wedding venues garden
Get married among nature.

Fiji’s natural environment is awe inspiring.  We can organise your wedding to take place among lush gardens, next to a waterfall, in a rainforest, or even atop a coral reef.

Planning your Fiji wedding

We have an extensive range of Fiji wedding packages at five-star mainland and island resorts. Additionally, we can tailor a bespoke wedding package that is created for you specifically.

Contact our Fiji wedding planners for more information about planning your Fiji wedding. Let us turn your dream Fiji wedding into reality.

With over 40 years of experience planning weddings, luxury escapes and honeymoons for couples around the world, we can organise every aspect of your Fiji luxury getaway. Relax and let our Fiji specialists take the stress out of planning your special day.

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